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Business Office

The business office is located in room 114 on Central Campus. We are responsibe for the reimbursement of travel, petty cash, and cash advances. We also take care of inventory for all of DACC.  


Dona Ana Community College faculty, staff, and students routinely travel out of town on behalf of the University or in support of sponsored research activities. The University reimburses these travelers for necessary and reasonable business expenses incurred while traveling.  Reimbursable expenses must conform to federal and state law and the restrictions placed upon sponsored projects. In order to provide this reimbursement, the University requires travelers to complete and submit an approved *Travel Reimbursement form which documents the business purpose of the trip and the types of expenses incurred.

  • AIRFARE - be sure to select "COACH" for all airfare
  • Travel forms can be found on the bottom of this page, under Forms.

Summary of Transportation

The mode of transportation must be clearly indicated. Reimbursement for mileage is allowed only when employees are traveling from their primary official place of work on approved University business. Employees traveling from this place of work to an approved site related to their official duties, such as teaching an off-campus class in addition to regular duties, may receive reimbursement only if their regular or primary place of work is the originating point. If using a privately owned vehicle to conduct business away from your primary location a reading from the odometer or MapQuest is requested for reimbursement.  
Employees traveling on official business shall receive $.575 (effective January 1, 2014) per mile for each mile traveled in a privately owned vehicle. These rates are intended to cover all expenses related to use of the vehicle, such as gasoline, repairs, etc. University gasoline credit cards may not be used for personal vehicles.

Receipted Travel Expenses

Receipts are required when claiming reimbursement for actual lodging expenses or for other non-per diem expenses.

All receipts must be identifiable as to payee, and nature and amount of expenditure. Any information not given by the receipt must be added by the department; all such additions must be attested to by the employee's signature on the receipt. Expenses resulting from an employee's non-official or personal activities, and expenses related to guests of the employee, cannot be reimbursed.

  • Personal Expenses
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, dry cleaning, movie rentals, and personal calls are not allowable. Employees traveling for a minimum of ten consecutive days and a maximum of one month will be allowed reimbursement for laundry and dry cleaning expenses. All laundry and dry cleaning expenses must be supported by original externally produced receipts and attested to by the traveler and approved by the Department Head, Dean, or Director.

Registration/Conference Fees

Registration fees are to have prior department approval before being paid by DACC/NMSU in advance of a trip by submitting a Direct Pay Request form along with the original and one copy of the registration document or charged on an University Procurement Card. Employees who pay a registration fee from personal funds will be reimbursed upon presentation of the registration document and proof of payment, such as credit card slip or canceled check.

Team Travel

All forms with backup should be submitted to the DACC Business Office 4 weeks prior to travel to allow adequate time for processing (this will allow time for processing the paperwork through the system for Meal/Lodging Advances for the students).

Complete a "Team Travel Request" Form providing all information for the travel.  Provide all Index Numbers along with amounts to be charged to each index.  Attach any explanations necessary to help clarify purpose of trip and charges to indices.  Indicate Team Travel Advance Request for:  Meals and/or Lodging.   Include ONLY costs for the students.  Registration Fee:  Need prior approval of travel before paying registration fee.

Cash Advance

Employee cash advances are available by submitting a completed Travel Advance Request form two weeks in advance to the DACC Business Office. The form payee should be the traveler and the amount of the advance should not exceed 90% of the estimated meals and lodging. The advance amount should be deducted from the employee‘s reimbursement voucher submitted upon completion of the trip. Lost or stolen advances are considered a personal loss and must be repaid by the employee to whom it was distributed. Only one cash advance can be issued and outstanding per employee during any period of time.

All forms for Team Travel Requests with all backup should be submitted to the DACC Business Office at least 4 weeks prior to travel to allow adequate time for processing and to receive the cash advance check for expenses.

  • Form is available under forms section.

Per Diem

All per diem, mileage and meal reimbursement rates contained in Chapter 5C, of the Travel of the Business Procedures Manual, are established by the Board of Regents of New Mexico State University. Departments may elect to reimburse at an amount less than any of the provided rates, with the approval of the Department Head, Dean, or Director.

"Per diem" is a fixed daily allowance for meals and/or lodging. Lodging and meal receipts are not required when claiming per diem. In order to be eligible to claim per diem, employees must travel at least 15 miles from their primary official place of work, excluding El Paso.

  • Local Travel:
    Travel within 15 miles of the employee's primary official place of work.
  • In-State Travel:
    Travel within the official state boundaries.
  • Out-of-State Travel:
    Travel beyond the official state boundaries.
  • Out-of-Country Travel:
    Travel outside the continental United States (includes Hawaii and Alaska).
  • International/Foreign Travel:
    All travel outside the United States and any U.S. Possessions - Prior approval by NMSU is required at least 20 days prior to travel.


Petty Cash

Petty Cash purchases are limited to $50 (up to $100 in case of emergency ONLY.) Travel related purchases must be processed on a travel reimbursement voucher. Catering expenditures must be processed through the Dona Ana Community College Snack Bar. Current original receipts are due daily. Tax is reimbursed for services ONLY. If tax is paid it will NOT be reimbursed (exemption #01-507888-004) A completed petty cash request form must be submitted to the Business Office for payment.  Business Meals are NOT reimbursable through Petty Cash.

  • Form is available under forms section.

Hours available

Monday - Thursday:
8:30 - 11:30 AM
2:00 - 4:00 PM

8:30 - 11:30 AM


Transfer of any tagged item must be done through the proper channels, by first completing and submitting to the Business Office the Inventory Change Report, form and/or Approval for Home/Office Campus use of University Equipment, form is to be completed and signed by the appropriate individuals for all equipment (laptop computers, etc.) that are being used by staff/faculty off campus.

Inventory scanning is performed on a yearly basis (usually starting in September) notice will be given by the Business office when scanning can commence. The first scanning process is usually to be accomplished prior to the end of November, with completion to be done by mid February.

Federally Funded Inventory:  (TIME SENSITIVE)


Once the item/s purchased with Federal Funds has/have been received:

  • NMSU Property will generate tags for these items and mail these to the Business Office
  • The Business Office will then e-mail the appropriate department/s immedately to make arrangements for these items to be tagged
  • Tags need to be placed on these items as soon as the tags are received by the department and all required information on the Inventory Receiving Worksheet should be completed and returned to the Business Office immediately (if the department is doing the tagging)


Minerva Bustamante

Administrative Assistant Sr.

Dona Ana Community College (Central Campus)
3400 S. Espina Street
PO Box 30001, MSC 3 DA
Las Cruces, NM 88003   

Phone: 575-527-7650
Fax: 575-527-7600